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How we revolutionized banking in Nigeria

GTBank has been a key player in the African financial sector for over a decade. However, due to a lack of significant updates to their banking app during this time, the bank's innovation stalled, resulting in considerable difficulties in attracting new customers.

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Our process

Having heard the call for change, they chose to partner with us to address and overcome these challenges.

Through our collaboration, we designed entirely new user interfaces and built mobile applications for both iOS and Android from the ground up. This overhaul elevated GTBank to a new position in the market.

Additionally, we assisted in revising their IT infrastructure and provided mentorship to their internal team. These extensive efforts helped enhance stability and significantly reduce the infrastructure costs The new GTWorld app now stands as a market leader in innovation, introducing novel banking digital features like "Near Me,"which have gained wide popularity among existing GTBank customers and attracted new customers to the business as well.

Client feedback

We have truly enjoyed working with Alty on what has been a memorable and fruitful journey to rebuilding GTWorld.

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