Building the Future of Online Banking for Companies

Privat24 for Business is the most popular Ukrainian online banking for enterpreneurs of the biggest nationwide Ukrainian bank.

  • 1,000,000+ Business customers
  • 150,000+ Daily visitors

Our Task

Create Multi-User Digital Banking With Dozens of Complex Business Products

The challenge was that the bank offers more than 50 products but the average customer uses only 3 of them. It was necessary to create an interface that hides additional products but allows them to be found easily when needed.

01 Our Task

Business App Store

We have suggested the idea to create the Business App Store, so people can get and use only the features they really need. Digital banking turns into the powerful business platform. Just install the app for your business need.

02 Business App Store

Digital banking turns into the powerful business platform. Just install the app for your business need:

  • Accounts
  • Payments
  • Cards
  • Currency Exchange
  • Integrations
  • Loans
  • Leasing
  • Collection
  • Salaries
  • Taxation
  • Insurance
  • Contracts
  • Documents
  • Deposits
  • Digital Keys
  • Accounting
  • ...

The bank will be the guarantor and payment processor for all in-app transactions..

Third-party vendors can develop their own financial apps and sell them for the subscription fee.

Sidebar Menu

No More Clutter.
Customers see only installed business apps

03 Sidebar Menu

The Dasboard

We were also challenged to make status monitoring of complex business accounts very easy and fast.

We suggested making a dashboard where customers can set up their own display of widgets and quick actions.

04 The Dasboard
Every app may have a customizable dashboard widget.

The Notification

The notification center helps follow your business' news and quickly solve issues right from it.

05 The Notification

Multiple Accounts

Big company groups have an issue with managing multiple accounts for all businesses.
We have suggested creating a special mode where you can select multiple companies apply one action to all of them. For example, sign invoices in just a few clicks.

06 Multiple Accounts

Grouped Actions

Often businesses make several actions within one activity such as signing payments, exchanging currency, or uploading documents for a vendor.
We have suggested a way to group them as projects so they are easy to find when needed.

07 Grouped Actions

Switch Between Accounts

People often switch between their accounts, and in previous versions users were required to move back to the accounts list to select the correct account.
We have created a simple interface that switches accounts at any place in the system without losing the context of action.

08 Switch Between Accounts

Partners Rating

To make the system safer, anyone in the system can set a rating for a vendor so others can determine their reliability.

09 Partners Rating

Mobile Application

For better convenience and to have an ability to respond even when you are on the road, we have created a mobile application.

10 Mobile Application

We have created 1,484 screens
in about 2 years of work.

Project Team

11 Project Team

Lead Designer

  • Kirill Kuznetsov

UI Designers

  • Olesia Vdovenko
  • Andrey Retinskiy

UX Designers

  • Elena Sevruk
  • Denis Perepelenko

Design Supervisor

  • Anton Skorniakov

Client Review

At Alty all the guys are professionals, open-minded and highly involved into the process of improving the product. They are initiative, always offering creative solutions and cool ideas and that gives additional value. Alty is exactly that kind of team that lives within the product they are working at which makes all the collaboration productive and enjoyable.

Oleksandr Nikolenko Head of Small and Medium Business in PrivatBank
12 Client Review
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