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#1 Music Player for iPhone

All-in-one music player offering seamless integration with SoundCloud, YouTube, and unlimited cloud storage for Mac and iPhone. Store your favorite tunes in the cloud - access them on-demand offline!

We outsourced iPhone development to Alty because they were recommended to us as experts in iOS development.
Ivan A. CEO, Coppertino (Music Player Startup)
Business Perspective


  • Boost customer loyalty.
  • Adapt an already popular mac music player for the mobile platform.
  • Keep it up with the industry trends.
I enjoyed working with these guys as they were proactive and we always found common grounds.”
Ivan A. CEO, Coppertino (Music Player Startup)


  • Developed an iPhone native application.
  • Outsourced front-end development to Alty.

Assembled a dedicated team

  • Senior iOS Developer
  • Quality assurances
  • Project manager
They have perfectly grasped the project requirements, and the communication was on a high level all the time.
Ivan A. CEO, Coppertino (Music Player Startup)


  • One robust final version after numerous beta versions.
  • $700k raised in seed investments.
Ivan A. CEO, Coppertino (Music Player Startup)
We had regular meetings. The team often popped to our office or vice versa.
Product Design and Development Perspective


  • Support exclusive Hi-Res music format to guarantee crisp clean sound.
  • Solve custom complicated interactions and create respective animations.
  • Support external services like Soundcloud, Loop and
  • Develop an offline mode for the app.
  • Include state preservation and restoration support.
  • Complete text search.
  • Complex queue logic.
  • Preserve the overall quality after numerous improvements.
We had faced multiple changes and improvements, which led to refactoring over and over again. The guys have coped with this task perfectly.
Ivan A. CEO, Coppertino (Music Player Startup)


  • Used Objective-C for iPhone development.
  • Used the Bass audio engine.
  • Created custom histogram.
  • Created custom navigation stack.
Ivan A. CEO, Coppertino (Music Player Startup)
Vox now has many custom solutions like animations and interactions thanks to Alty’s senior developers, who knew how to deal with this.


  • 42 Star’s Histograms Open Source Project.
  • 346 user stories implemented.
  • 3 major beta versions.

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