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Advanced Marketing Metrics & Analytics

Keep your finger on the pulse of your app, wherever you are. DevMate now offers a mobile addition to its development platform. DevMate app offers a quick review of the key marketing and analytics dashboards. Stay constantly updated on how your app is doing and what can be improved.
Egor B. DevMate VP of Business Development
Alty seems to appear like an established company with all the process streamlined and well-established.
Business Perspective


  • Create a mirror to instantly view analytics in DevMate app.
  • Develop an in-house solution with MacPaw or outsource it.
  • Rapid time to market.
Alty proactively asked dozens of questions and requested all data I had on the product. Afterward, everything was smooth and efficient.
Egor B. DevMate VP of Business Development


  • Developed an iPhone native application
  • Outsourced design and frontend development to Alty

Assembled a dedicated team

  • UI/UX designer
  • iOS developer
  • Quality assurance
  • Project manager
They actively reported on the newly implemented features and I could provide timely feedback for some minor edits.
Egor B. DevMate VP of Business Development


  • 2 months from the raw idea to the App Store
  • CleanMyMac, VOX and a number of other happy customers
Egor B. DevMate VP of Business Development
Everything was delivered on time, even though the deadline was tight.
Product Design and Development Perspective


  • Design and develop custom, informative and animated graphics
  • Implement user friendly authorization flow, using OAUTH2 protocol.
The time zone difference didn't cause any issues as well - the guys were even available late into the night.
Egor B. DevMate VP of Business Development


  • Used Objective C for iPhone development
  • Programmed custom module for graphics
  • Used different software testing methods to secure robust stability
  • Smooth graphic animations
  • 96% model layer covered with unit test
Egor B. DevMate VP of Business Development
I genuinely enjoyed working with Alty. Their management is top-notch and very proactive. The collaboration process was organized efficiently - no-over reporting and over-negotiating, but always accurate status updates.

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