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Web App Development

Web is the most popular platform out there, primarily designed for desktop computers and laptops, but also getting popular with over day-to-day gadgets like mobile phones and tablets. In the latter case, the mobile web competes with Android and iOS mobile operating systems.

Web Design Principles

Web Applications

Building a custom web project for large screens offers more room in terms of functionality, positioning important functions and displaying interactive data in a user-friendly manner. Our web application development services are governed by the following principles:

Responsive Great user experience means that your web app looks perfect on different screen sizes, takes advantage of free space efficiently and correctly displays all the information, no matter which screen resolution a user has.
Interactions One of the key principles that set web applications apart from simple websites are interactions. Custom web app development assumes that the product can perform various complicated functions without breaking the visual side of the user interface. Smooth transitions and sleek flow craft the perfect user experience.

Mobile Web Applications

The modern folks are head over heels into their mobile phones. The majority of day-to-day activities - from banking to shopping and communication - now happen through websites and mobile services. If you still don’t have a mobile-ready website version, you are seriously losing the game. Here are the essential principles to take into account:

Patterns The majority of mobile web applications patterns are inherited from the native mobile application rules. Web app development companies know that gestures, empty states, navigation and many other patterns should serve to create impeccable user experience and trendy app feel.
Flat Strait lines, simple textures, solid colors result into a simple, but sleek design. Keep it minimalistic and non-distractive as the main goal of any product or service is to keep the eyes on the content.

Promo Websites

The trendiest startups and dazzling new services now launch on mobile-only. Nevertheless, you still a shiny promotional website to market your product to the world. Here are the key areas to focus on:

Space A web desktop platform is like a large canvas. You have enough space to stylishly convey the key message, while sending some airy vibes towards your users with a sweet promise that there’s more to discover!
Text Crisp and catchy copy leverages the user adoption rates and builds up the trust factor. Gauge the interest, build up anticipation and speak to your customers with the tone they love!

Web Design Environment

Our web app developers for hire will craft the exquisite user experience and delightful design using the next proven stack of tools and technologies:

  • Sketch
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • InVision
  • Framer
  • Axure
  • UXpin
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe After Effects
  • Principle
  • Pixate

To build a captivating web app for your business, start with a solid product plan and settle on the appropriate web development processes early on. If you choose to outsource the entire project, hire web app developers with experience in your niche.

Web Browsers Breakdown

Though the world web features a variety of browsers, the majority of users stick to the most popular ones. For business that stands for reduced overall cost of development.

Desktop Resolution Statistics

Users access the web through an array of devices e.g. Desktop PCs, laptops, mobile phones and tablets. All of them have numerous resolutions, which may pose some complexities for developers if your business chooses to support all of them.

Web Development Environment

To build trendy and responsive web applications, our web development specialists deploy the following tools and technologies:

Libraries and Frameworks

To reduce the web development costs, we can always take advantage of the robust open source libraries created by the generous developers’ community:

Testing Environment

We never dare to deliver less-then-perfect products. And that’s not just in terms of the app code. We’ll make sure your app is stable, secure and runs seamlessly by running razor-sharp quality assurance. No bug can escape from our trained eyes!

  • Manual testing
  • Testing services

Your end product will function perfectly at all the supported devices and web browsers as we run tests on multiple emulators and actual devices.

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