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UX/UI Design Services

Solid app design is encapsulated in micro and macro details of your product look. Our outsource development company follows the next four core principles to create intuitive usability and trendy graphical design.

  • Research
  • User Experience design
  • Visual design
  • App design
    QA testing
Scrutinizing The Requirements You provide the initial data and we carefully review everything and study all the product specifications and documents. At this stage, a clear understanding of your product vision is required, so be ready to answer a lot of questions.
Target Audience Research We map out the exact end-user persona portrait - what are their habits, biggest struggles, their unique woes, needs and values and how we can help them solve their problems. Ideally, our team should survey the future users. As a product owner, you are expected to share the unique insights you’ve already gathered as well.
Market and Competition Research We’ll scope your target market and identify the biggest players. We’ll carefully study their products’ advantages and weaknesses and will deliver a list of actionable suggestions of how you can make your new product stand out from the crowd.
Niche Research Digging into your niche is essential to get a clear picture of what’s going around - what are the common user behavior patters, how users interact with various similar products, what kind of features and services do they lack and how we can fill in the gap with your new solution. Your unique expertise of a product owner is essential at this stage.
User Experience Design
Customer Journey Mapping Ideal UX design services start with preparing the key app use cases and outlining the ideal user experience for each touch point with your product. Our UX team will analyze various user goals, expectations and relevant context for each and every step of interacting with your product.
Interactive Prototyping This stage involves developing a user flow diagram to present a high-level summary of how users will interact with your app. Afterwards, our team starts brainstorming the ultimate UI mockups. A detailed interactive wireframe prototype will be delivered to you as a result.
User Testing We’ll run a number of user tests to ensure the main product idea is crystal clear and the navigation is intrusive, smooth and delightful. You’ll receive a detailed analysis of how users cope with the main app use cases using an interactive prototype. If we cannot secure access to the end target users, tests with a closely related audience using our local resources will be conducted.
Developing Notification Strategy Notifications are an important part of mobile app UX design as they create an additional communication channel and increase user-retention rates. A specific timeline both for email and mobile-native notifications will be developed at this stage. Additionally, you’ll receive custom wireframes for all types of messages.
Visual Design
Mood Board An attractive list of visual references will be created to define the ultimate look and feel of your product. A dedicated mood board will outline your brand’s visual style, color palette and fonts to be used throught all visuals.
UI Design UI design services start with creating an initial UI concept for the few main app screens. As we settle on the ultimate UI style, the team will proceed with crafting the remaining design elements for all other app screens. At this stage responsive landing screen design, email and push notifications will be delivered to you.
Transitions and Animations Seamless transitions and delightful app animation is on top of our agenda. Transitions help users develop a better understanding of what’s happening in the app at the moment - they act as unique cues for interface changes. And, of course, these elements delight the users and make your product more attractive.
Additional Graphics Expect plenty of additional graphics for the product as well – custom app icons, App store promo screenshots, banners and some attractive extras depending on the requirements.
Professional Mobile and Web Design Environment

Professional Mobile and Web Design Environment

Solid user experience design and trendy visual design is achieved through the evolution of technologies used for app development. New tools emerge each other day and our company always keeps and eye on the changes in UI/UX design services. We use a winning mix of trendy and tested tools to deliver better products.

  • Sketch
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Flinto
  • Framer
  • Axure
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe After Effects
  • Principle
  • Pixate
  • UXpin
  • InVision

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