From the Intent to Change to the Breakthrough

We strictly adhere to all rules for creating digital products, making breakthroughs possible. That's why we work diligently everyday to make services of impeccable quality.


Experienced creators know that implementing an idea without first confirming the hypothesis in the real world, or blindly copying other market players, leads to solutions that don't bring value to the end user. Market Research and Product Concept make it their responsibility to test ideas on real people to determine whether we've hit the target before building the big product.

Discovery Deliverables

  • Audience and Market Description
  • Competition Report
  • Use Case Scenarios
  • Functionalities List
  • Concept
  • Project Road Map


Subconsciously, all people stretch to something that is systemic and beautiful. Great design is never just something fancy. Great design is first order, correct accents second, and beautiful forms and colors at the end. Great design is the key to peoples' hearts and is impossible without these three key features:

Defining the Information Architechture, which is the foundation of a system and responsible for making the data structure so simple that with any number of functionalities the product remains simple and easy to use.

Creating a great User Experience, which is possible only by analyzing the behavior of real people. To make the product experience enjoyable and memorable it needs to be so easy to use that even a 3-year-old child can do it.

Crafting a User Interface, whose purpose is to pursue a specific goal and solve specific tasks. It is important to highlight the main functions and hide those less important, and make it so that people can perform main actions in just a few clicks or taps.

Because people use apps--but only when it is really convenient.

Design Deliverables

  • Data Structure Scheme
  • Navigation Map
  • Layout Wireframes
  • Interactive Prototype
  • User Testing
  • Final Mockups
  • Motion Design
  • Notifications Strategy
  • Assets For Development


The main aim of our development department is to implement innovations and make the product serve business and users' needs. We know that insane ideas with great design deserve the best implementation and that is why it is important to have the right Architecture that works for thousands or millions of users, clean Code Base , which is crucial to meeting the needs of early adopters by taking the product in new directions, and principled Quality Assurance to Launch the Product for a specific platform.

Development Deliverables

  • Architecture Schemes
  • Deployed Applications
  • Source Code
  • API Documentation
  • Code Documentation
  • Test Plan
  • Test Cases
  • Unit Tests
  • Automated Tests
  • Load Tests
  • All Access Credentials


We support what creators say: it is so important to have a partner who is always ready to help when needed, whether it's Product Improvements , Quick Fixes , or to analyze user feedback and make a quick loop with New Versions .

We love our creators and are happy to help them make their Own Product Team , helping to hire the best talent and transmit knowledge for further successful development.