Bringing Bank Customer Management Efficiency to a New Level

FUIB is the First Ukrainian International Bank that always improves the bank interaction with current and potential customers.

1 500 000+

Clients of The Bank

20 000+

Corporate Clients

Our Task

Create a Single Place to Effectively Manage Customers and Employees

Our Task

Centralized System

Because all the information about banking products and customer details were in different places, it took a lot of time for the manager to understand the customer's details.

We have united everything in one centralized place, so now the manager makes all actions regarding consulting the client quickly and conveniently, which offers new services operating with the account.

Centralized System

Customer Registration

Customer Registration

The registration flow was too complicated and took too long to service a single customer. When there was a large flow of people, many of them were unhappy. We have created a convenient and fast registration process that saves the employee's time and increases his KPI.

Products & Services

Due to the lack of a centralized customer management site, it was difficult to understand what products a customer uses and offer new services to him. We have created the new way of selling products that enables sales in a few clicks for both online and offline customers.

The bank was losing clients because managers could not easily make repeated sells and upsell.

We have designed a separate section «offers» and now managers can see a history of products that have been sold to each customer and can suggest extending the service.

Products & Services


There was no centralized management and all work was done separately for each employee and branch. Now everyone in the company can see their own task list and those of other employees, reorder them, and plan daily schedules.


Employees' late notification about important work points delayed the process of customer service. We have created a notification center where each employee sees instant status updates on all issues.

Automated the analysis of employees’ KPI and made it transparent for everyone

Project Team

Project UX Lead

  • Kirill Kuznetsov

UI Designer

  • Nikolay Kotkov
  • Andrey Retinskiy

UX Designer

  • Nikolay Kotkov
  • Andrey Retinskiy
  • Katya Mysharina

Design Supervisor

  • Anton Skorniakov

Client Review

Guys did a great job, we are very satisfied with the result!

Yuriy Belotskiy Head of Development and Methodology of Business Processes of Retail Business.
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