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18 Best Mobile UX Design Pattern Libraries

People are hardwired to recognized patterns.

Fact. We often even see things, which aren’t actually there – like a cloud reminding the new iPhone

It’s in our nature to “connect the dots” and search for relationships between different values. And different mobile design patterns help to reinforce those relationships.

Ever noticed how this happens in mobile apps?

The Power of Mobile UX Design

In a nutshell – user experience design is here to adapt your product to the target market requirements through blending in the familiar patterns and elements.

So, if you want people to log into your app and instantly understand what it’s for and how things work here – you’ll need to use familiar patterns.

Here’s another simple analogy to explain UX design.

Think of the kind of garments ladies wear on the fashion runways. Some are so outrageous that you just can’t understand how it’s even possible to walk in those. But yeah, they also look rather attractive.

And then, there are the kind garments all girls wear on the streets – charming, comfy and good fitting. Bizarre or bold sometimes? Yes. But that just makes even more brave girls craving try on that trend.

The same is true for mobile apps.

You can create a stunning, out-of-the-box graphical solution only a few people would love to try.

Or build a product based on the proven mobile app design patterns, which goes mass market and is used with equal pleasure by the majority of users.

Let me guess what you will choose

The proven and popular.

But how do we get there?

Allow me to explain how exactly you can use the existing bias in creating better designs of your business products.

UX Design for a Mobile App: When To Use Patterns and When To Ditch Those

In our previous post, we’ve talked about the essential principles of Mobile UX design. You should apply those through your entire product. Go on, review those. I’ll wait here

Now, the second important question is: when should I grab existing design patterns and when it’s worth experimenting with customization?

Certainly, you don’t want to appear like every other app out there in your niche. Yet going all wacky and ditching the tested patterns in favor of “designers” solutions won’t do you your product any good either.

UX and UI design patterns are supposed to provide a blueprint, with the help of which a certain problem can be solved. It’s a structure you should modify to meet the specific tiny variations your product is here to offer.

You should study the applications of design patterns, not just the patterns themselves.

Do you know the telltale sign of the best UX designers?

They have seen a variety of different applications of the same pattern and can instantly map a certain task onto a it.

So, when you should absolutely use mobile app design patterns, rather than a new solution?

Here are a few quick examples:

  • For user onboarding.
  • For navigation.
  • For personalization
  • For multi-step actions and forms.

Those are the complicated steps a user is required to take. Design patterns will facilitate the product learning curve and leverage the familiarity factor.

Want to make another step simpler?

Use a tested pattern for that.

Okay, done with the intros. Now let’s move to practicalities. Here are the great places recommended by our UX/UI design team to discover great patterns.

Pssst…we are also offering free Apple TV product mockups at Behance. Go grab those!

18 Great Mobile UX Design Pattern Libraries

Source some inspiration, tips and new ideas for your mobile app UX design from the following comprehensive collections:


One of the most well-organized libraries on the web with new content added regularly. Also, it’s one of the only libraries so far to feature Apple Watch design patterns, along with the standard iPhone/iPad ones. Everything is neatly categorized for fast search and you can easily choose to review “checkout” or “invite friends” patterns only.

Warning: there’s a lot of content, so don’t get carried away

Android Patterns

A great one-stop shop for all the Android developers and designers. The website features a good range of essential interaction patterns with short custom summaries for each and attractive wireframe-styled illustrations.

Lovely UI

No great UX is imaginable without great user interface design to back it up. Lovely UI features a handpicked collection of the best buttons, badges, icons, popovers, profile designs and other goodies both for iOS and Android devices. They also tend to highlight the emerging popular trends in UI in the top navigation bar.

Inspired UI

A very neat library, which allows you quickly to locate various UI and UX patterns for specific features e.g. login, navigation or homepages. However, this library isn’t updated frequently these days, hence may lack some of the newer elements.


Refine your pattern search by style, color, type and device to uncover dozens of incredible designs highlighted at this database. The con here is that you may need to dig through website design, illustration and typography before locating mobile design solutions.


As the name goes – this library is here to captivate your imagination. You can choose to review specific design components or proven mobile UX patterns. The majority of finds are also animated to give you a better product feel.

iOS Patterns


Android developers, move on to the next library, this one is all about designing for Apple. Currently, this website features 673 patterns in 63 different applications – just enough to give you a better idea of your product look 😉

Android Niceties

This curated collection on Tumblr will quickly prove you that Android apps can be as attractive as those designed for iOS. The library lacks navigation and search function, but it’s a nice place to pop in once in awhile for quick inspiration.

Little Big Details

It’s no secret that the smallest design elements usually add the most delight to the product. This blog specifically highlights all the tiny, witty, funny and attractive elements different designers have blended into their creations.

Use Your Interface

An amazing curated collection of moving interfaces from all around the web. The library has just migrated to a newer, more attractive website which has excellent categorization and search function. The content is updated rather frequently as well.

UI Patterns


Arguably one of the most comprehensive UI design patterns library out there delivering inspiration and advice since 2007. They’ve managed to accumulate quite a lot of great patterns, which are now grouped into two main categories – User Interface Design Patterns and Persuasive Design Patterns with a bunch of relevant sub-categories in each.

Another warning – going down this rabbit hole may eat up an entire week

I ♥ Wireframes

Ivana Jurcic aka The Geek Chic keeps this great collection of wireframes on Tumblr. Start here if you are considering an MVP to give your product a reality check first.

Want to get a custom MVP price quote? Reach out to our team!

UX Achieve

Head here for the best mobile user experience design patterns for Apple products. The majority of patterns are animated and sorted into respective categories based on the task, step or purpose.

iOS Inspiration

Here’s some more Applesauce This resource will have you covered with all the essential ingredients of a great product look – from logo design to buttons, product landing pages, and the overall app UI.

Mobile Patterns

Sleek, minimalistic library of Android and iPhone (sans iPad and other gadgets) designs. The curators seem to have special love for minimalistic, responsive, clean design, so if that’s your thing too, go check it out!

UI Oh My

This UI pattern library includes some of the latest designs from Facebook, Instagram and a number of other social media apps. Go check it if you need inspiration for AR apps screen design, newsfeed or camera usage. The easter egg section is particularly delightful as well!

UI Cloud

Discover hundreds of mobile UI patterns for different platforms based on your search criteria. UI Cloud is a comprehensive database and search engine featuring over 40.000 various patterns for your delight and inspiration. You are also encouraged to submit your own finds!

Appreciate UI

And to wrap it up – here’s the last UI pattern design library to grab some ideas for your mobile app. Again, everything is neatly categorized for your convenience. Enjoy!

Final Word

The more designers use various pattern – the more users come to understand them, hence leveraging their value.

For a startup, it may be tempting to experiment and toy around with brand new concepts. However, trends come and go, while the underlying ideas remain timeless and always in demand.

If you are interested in partnering with Alty’s UX/UI design team or the entire mobile development crew, drop us a line and let’s talk action!

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