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8 Cases When It’s Worth Building an iPad App First

Today, 79 iPads and 20 iPads Pro are sold per minute.

While the latter model didn’t win much affection from the press, it still remains a popular choice for business users. After all, how often do you see someone with an Android device on a sales presentation or meeting? Exactly.

As Barbara Findlay Schenck explains:

“Android is a commodity platform, Apple is a brand, Apple, on the other hand, makes people feel like they have a superpower. It makes them feel like a better designer. It makes them feel super cool”

But it’s not only Apple who makes you feel super cool. Product owners who design solutions for iPad specifically, largely contribute to the “coolness” factor as well.

Want to join this crowd? Or haven’t made up your mind yet and wonder if you should build an iPad app instead of an iPhone? Let’s take a look at the iPad user demographics first to understand what they may want.

Who Are The iPad Users?


As you can see from the chart above, the average iPad user is a middle-to-high income earner, is well educated and already has kids.

Based on the additional research of the popular iPad apps (free and paid), along with our own experience as an iPad app development company, we’ve come up with the next list of product ideas that are worth implementing for iPad first.

Document Management Apps

When you want to finish editing your speech on the go, adjust keynote slides or present a report to someone, you usually grab your iPad (if you have one of course).

While G-Suit deals with the document management rather well, it doesn’t work offline (unless you save the documents in advance). The app interface is a bit cumbersome and the product lacks certain functionality e.g. smart annotations when working with PDF files.

That’s the reason why PDF Expert app for iPad ($9,99), built by another Ukrainian company, is consistently trending in the top paid iPad apps list:


The two other popular iPad apps are Scanner Pro and Printer Pro that well…help you print and scan documents effortlessly from your device.

The demand for presentation apps for iPad is on the rise as well as Google Trends prove:


While the native Keynote is all right, it certainly lacks the modern flair and cooler templates and premade visual elements.

Prezi viewer app, for instance, offers a far better viewing and interactive experience especially during personalized presentations and sales meetings. For startups, that stands for more mobility and momentum – you can pitch your idea and show your presentation during lunch at the networking event, in a bar or when validating your app idea with the target audience.


Companion App for a Web-Based Business Solution

You already have a successful desktop application that offers advanced web analytics, for instance, or comprehensive financial reporting tools.

You may want to expand your reach by offering a companion iPad app, which would either have the same or truncated functionality. For example, allow creating custom reports and simple data visualizations that could be used during personal meetings.

That’s exactly what Roambi Analytics app does. It can source data from different spreadsheets (Excel, Google Drive, iBox etc) and turn them into attractive, easy-to-understand visual reports and presentations:


Our team of iPad app developers has also worked on the iPad version on – arguably the best UI prototyping and presentation tool out there. The companion app is widely used by designers, founders, and business owners to present their new product concepts on the go and during mass events like conferences, trade shows, and pitch fests.

Journaling and Note Taking Apps

While typing lengthy memos on an iPad can be a bit cumbersome, journaling and creating multimedia notes can be turned into a spectacular experience.

Take Notability app – a smart sketching/note taking app, which allows creating complex illustrations easily, add annotations, edit different types of multimedia files and arrange them into beautiful slides:


Evernote is an all-time favorite note taking app for iPad, supporting a multitude of data formats including audio, video, photos and helps you keep all your scattered thoughts organized in one place (and synced across devices)


To create a popular iPad app, in this case, you’ll have to add a unique twist to it, however. Here are some ideas:

  • A daily planner/life organizer app
  • A note app featuring specific templates for online course creators, content marketers or social media managers for instance.
  • An iPad app for developers with a simplified text editor, coding shortcuts, easy file management and transfer and a full-featured SSH client.

Art and Drawing Apps

Designers and kids are huge fans of tablets because you can paint there with your hands But jokes aside, various sketching, doodling, and advanced web drawing apps continuously stay in the top charts on App Store.

Procreate is an award winning, iPad only app for creating incredible illustrations and digital paintings. Its particular allure is that while having a lot of advanced tools and functionality, it’s equally enjoyable for beginners and pro digital artists:


Educational Apps and Games For Kids

If you already have kids, please nod if you ever got them peacefully distracted with an iPad.

While simple puzzle games can keep the youngsters entertained while waiting at the doctor’s office queue, there are more advanced iPad apps that help your child develop all sorts of skills at any age.

There are plenty of iOS apps teaching spelling, counting and reading. And there are cool apps like Book Creator, which allow both the kid and the parent to participate in creating memory books or short stories together:


Speaking of reading and publishing…

Online Readers, Book/Magazine Subscription Apps

While Kindle readers still remain popular, a lot of online publishers and savvy startups switch towards iPads. After all, people tend to use them for readings as well

We’ve previously written about why online publishers should start thinking mobile and what ROI that solution can bring.

Now, let’s take a look at some of the popular solutions for this industry:

Scribd is a subscription-based service dubbed as the Netflix for readers. You can gain access to hundreds of books, magazines, comics and more for a fixed price fee. The app is highly popular with iPad users.


Digital storytelling apps – those a popular among kids and their parents as they mix a good old book story format with additional interactive elements like videos, quizzes and comprehension assignments.

Textbooks and interactive learning apps – more and more educators are embracing blended learning the classroom and certain schools are now supplying kids with iPads for classes. Within an app standard textbooks could be turned into more interactive learning materials with self-assessment modules, quizzes (where you can cheat that easy), supporting audio and video materials.

Music Making and Music Editing Apps

You already can turn your iPad into an actual DJ panel with cool hardware controllers thanks to Djay 2:


But of course, it’s not the only, nor the coolest music-making app out there.

You can also turn your iPad into a synthesizer, piano, xylophone or even an absolutely unique music instrument of your own like Beatwave:


Final Words on iPad Application Development

Designing apps for iPad means accounting for additional gestures, which are not used by iPhone users:


Designing an iPad app will cost you less than building the same app on Android. Thanks to the great variety of different Android device screen sizes and product specifications, more product testing is required (and more coding) to make that app look good on different gadgets.

The cost to build an iPad application will depend on the type of application you want to build. For instance, a simple reading/note taking app can cost you under $15,000 while more feature-rich products can easily go up to $60,000 and more.

If you have an iPad app idea and want to chat on the costs, specs, and other project essentials, don’t be shy and reach out to us using the contact form below!

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