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4 Reasons to Build a Mobile App for Advertising Agency

Did you know that marketing tech budgets are now surpassing actual advertising budgets? To be precise 33% of them go straight into apps and software.

And according to Gartner CMOs will spend more on IT than CEOs by 2018. While a lot of those spending also goes into the infrastructure (storage, servers, and network) required to run the marketing software, mobile advertising solutions are rising in demand as well. After all, you do spend a lot of your “work time” on the phone or iPad.

We’ve decided to dig into the matter and came up with the following reasons to build a mobile for an advertising agency. But first, let’s dwell on another important point: why you should invest in a custom app over choosing “of the shelf” solution in the first place?

Why Advertising Agencies Should Invest in a Custom Mobile App?


Suppose the idea to create a mobile app for your advertising firm has been discussed at more than one meeting.

However, why on earth should you hire the developers when there are plenty of pre-made marketing solutions out there?

Allow me to explain:

  • Canned solutions are well…canned. Meaning they were designed to fulfill a certain need and do one or two things great…for everyone. They address the variety of needs many companies have – not yours specifically. As a result, you often pay for the functionality you don’t use and don’t receive certain features you’d like to have.
  • Customization is rarely possible. Pre-made apps are rigid. You can’t modify them to suit your unique needs e.g. subtract certain built-in features or add custom ones on top.
  • Integrations may be an issue. Not all mobile apps can be easily integrated with the other solutions you are using in-house. If the two of the apps you use often don’t communicate with each other well, your efficiency suffers. When you build your own app, you can take advantage of the different APIs to receive data from a variety of platforms.

Bottom line: App development for large advertising agencies makes sense when there is no comprehensive solution on the market to suit your unique needs.

And there’s more to that.

The Money Factor

Paying some $150/month for a certain advertising tool doesn’t make a drain in your budgets . Unless you take a closer look at those recurring payments.

CMOs will spend $32.2 billion on marketing software by 2018. And here’s where that money goes in terms of tools:


Let’s make a quick assessment of the possible spendings of a social media marketing agency:

  • Social media scheduling tool – $199/mo
  • Social listening app – $99/mo
  • Simple graphic design app – $12,95/mo
  • Advanced social analytics tool – $359/mo

(Not calling names here, but these are the agency prices of popular SaaS solutions, which offer a mobile app as well).

So that sums up to $667/month spent exclusively on a number of tools that complement, rather than integrate with each other. And that stands for $8004 per year and $40.000 in five years.

Forty grands is close to what custom mobile app development for advertising company will cost if you choose to build an Android or iOS app with similar functionality (social media scheduling, tracking, and analytics).

So give a closer look at those recurring payments, all right?

Employee Advocacy

Employee advocacy has become sort of a buzzword lately. But there are few good reasons why everyone started raving about it:

While there are existing employee advocacy apps (often billed per month/per user which may add up quickly), here are a few ideas for a custom mobile app:

  • Efficient leads tracking – each employee can quickly review how much leads they brought and what kind of bonus/reward they can expect.
  • Send out reminders/newsworthy announcements and other interactive materials your employees may want to share with their following in one click across different networks.
  • Gamification elements that would encourage your employees to share more frequently.
  • Custom analytics panel that would show you all the data in one glance.

Improved On-Site Efficiency


If you are working with subcontractors or organizing a large event, it’s easy to lose the track of time, sanity and the understanding of who’s doing what and where right now.

Hence, you may want to consider building a GPS-tracking mobile app with timesheets and reporting functionality that would allow your employees to immediately report what they are up to and where they are heading with just a few clicks.

It would help your business to coordinate the work more efficiently, become more accurate with the scheduled meetings and on-site trainings. And avoid those sticky situations when the client is already in the office and the key executive is still at the other part of town because someone forgot to update their calendar.

We have previously written a big guide covering how to build a GPS tracking application.

Client Reporting App

Let’s face it – paper reports are old age. And scheduling calls or video conferencing each other day quickly eats up tons of your productive time.

But a simple mobile app can fix that.

For instance, you can build a mobile solution that would be connected to your CRM/Analytics app and deliver attractive, real-time reports on the client’s campaign. Additionally, it could integrate the data from your project management tool and show the client the current tasks in progress, hours billed and notify them when a certain critical input is required e.g. they need to review and approve the new promo material mockups.

These were just a few tips and ideas of how to make an app for advertising agencies. If you already have a product concept in mind, we’d be delighted to advise on the tech stack, development costs, and timelines. You can use the contact form below to reach us!

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