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Backend Web Development

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Your Web, iOS and Android products and services need a powerful backbone to function seamlessly. CRMs/Admin Panels, CMSs and other custom back-end solutions power-up your product and help your company to strive.

Core Principles To Build a Management System for Your App

Receive all the important in-app data and stats through an attractive web interface. Our back end development company has a knack of building a robust and elegant solutions to streamline your business needs and processes.

CRM/Admin Panel

These systems are here to facilitate the interactions with current and potential future customers. CRM systems are built to analyze all sorts of customer data, improve business relationships with customers, specifically focus on customer retention, and ultimately drive sales growth! Our back-end web development services include creating the following functionality:

User Managemnet Your CRM should help you manage your app users more efficiently. Tap into advanced analytics and develop quick comprehension of the key user behavior patterns and engagement stats. Get to know exactly what they desire from your product!
Data Analysis Is a process of inspecting, cleaning, transforming, and scaling all the data with the end goal of discovering the key tidbits for decision making. Get know your users and deliver exactly what they expect!


CMS is a special application to deliver and manage all the digital content within your app. Using a simple user interface created by our expert back-end developers, you’ll be able to modify, manage and collaborate more efficiently on your app’s contents.

Content manegement Content management practices and goals vary by mission and by organizational governance structure. News organizations, e-commerce websites, and educational institutions all use content various management approaches to suit their needs. Our product will specifically match your business model.
Content Publication A custom set of tools that help multiple administrators and content managers to collaborate, streamline and publish the best content with the least efforts required.

Our backend developers for hire use the proven design patterns and best practices, provided by designers, to develop sleek CMS/CRM and Admin Panels. Learn more about our tools and development processes: Read more

CRM/Admin panel and CMS Development Environment

To craft a dynamic, robust and effective application management solution for business, our frontend development specialists utilize the following tools and technologies:

Libraries and Frameworks

The main libraries and frameworks to develop a CRM/Admin panel and a CMS are conceptually the same to those used for web application development. Read more

Backend Principles


What is built once by Alty may never let you down!

  • Optimal Database Structures There isn’t a single correct answer for each data-related problem. Nor there is the perfect database system to rule them all. Each has its own set of features and shortcomings. Our custom back end web development plans include a detailed outline of the best database option to choose based on your project
  • Efficiency The backend functionality needs to process tons of information and make complicated calculations (so that you didn’t have to). Our developers will code it to work in parallel sessions and on the background to reduce any potential user delays. Your app will update faster than you blink.
  • Scalability Your startup grows faster than anticipated? Congrats! Our backend solutions will keep growing with your user base. Our solutions are built with scalability in mind, so you’ll always have extra backend power reserves for the future!


  • Universality The most popular applications are present on many different platforms e.g. iOS, Android and Web. To speed up the development process, our developers will create universal APIs for your product.
  • Security To rest assured that all the user data, which is transferred between server and the client, is safe our specialist use SSL certificates. Your data goes through a secure encrypted channel prone to all the modern takeovers.

Backend Development Environment

Our backend development specialists have the following tools and technologies stashed for your mobile application management solution:

  • PHP
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Laravel
  • Bitbucket
  • Node JS
  • Terminal
  • SourceTree
  • Gulp
  • HTML5
  • GitHub
  • IDE phpshtorm

Server Environment

Testing Environment

Your product should shine from day one. Post-launch fixes will cost your business at least twice more. Our QA team will ensure your product goes to the market without a single hitch and strives through the long years in operation.

  • Manual testing
  • Testing services

Our team will emulate a large set of user interaction cases, cross-test your product on multiple devices and make sure your product is synonymous to perfection.

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