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Android is a popular operating system, primarily designed for mobile platforms, yet also powering up other household devices you use every day. It is the main competitor to Apple mobile operating system - iOS.

Design Principles

Material design

Every android app development company knows that material design creates a more authentic product feel by allowing to stage a three-dimensional environment with lights, textures and shadows.


Custom Android app development assumes particular attention to animation in material design as it is used to craft dimensional relationships, functionality, and intention spiced up with beauty and smoothness.

Principles Of Layout

Our company experts understand that print-based elements help to create a hierarchy - the right kind of vibe and focus to submerge your user deeper into the in-app experience.


Set of rules for applying material design that brings solid and intuitive feeling to the in-app interactions.


Colors, icons, images, typography, and copy are the right tools to communicate your message to the users via your app.

Android Design Environment

The significance of solid user experience and trendy design comes along with the evolution of technologies being used. New technologies and tools emerge each year to power-up innovative solutions for businesses and modern startups. Our designers use the next toolkit to build and present their custom work more efficiently.

Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe After Effects

If you hire Android developers at our company, we'll suggest the best professional tools and processes for developing an Android mobile project according to your budgets, timeframe, and your specs.

Platform Variety

Screen Sizes

A privileges for users; a challenge for programmers and designers - the variety of screen sizes offered by a wide range of devices for every taste and budget.

Galaxy Created with Sketch.
mdpi (medium)
Nexus Created with Sketch.
hdpi (high)
Galaxy Copy Created with Sketch.
xhdpi (extra-high)
Pixel Created with Sketch.
xxhdpi (extra-extra-high)
Pixel XL Created with Sketch.
xxhdpi (extra-extra-extra-high)

Android Resolution Statistics

Although Android has a huge variety of resolutions, the majority of users opts for the standard ones. As a business owner you can choose to support only certain sizes and, hence, reduce the development costs.

86% Normal
7.9% Large
4.1% Xlarge
2.0% Small
41.9% hdmi
26.8% xhdpi
15.0% xxhdpi
11.8% mdpi
2.3% ldpi
2.2% tvdpi

Android Platform Version Statistics

Unlike iOS, Android has a big segment of users that are still using old versions of the operating system. In particular cases, it brings complexity to the development stage as certain features are no longer supported in older versions.

35% Lollipop
31% KitKat
20% Jelly Bean
10% Marshmallow
2% Gingerbread
2% Ice Cream Sanndwich
0.1% Froyo

Android Application Development Specifics

Android Environment

Android is one of the leading operating system in the world, so it has variety of tools that help engineers to develop modern, clean and responsive applications.

Android SDK
Android Studio
AVD manager
Gadle Build Tool

Libraries and Frameworks

To reduce the web development costs, we can always take advantage of the robust open source libraries created by the generous developers’ community:

Data bases:
Dependency Injection:
Espresso, Mockito, Robolectric
Image Loading:

Testing Environment

Creating handy apps is all about quality that stands for great user experience. Quality does not end with clean code. Robust testing is what will keep your application immaculate through the entire long-living lifecycle.

  • Unit tests Created with Sketch.
    Unit tests
  • Manual testing Created with Sketch.
    Manual testing
  • Integration test
  • Testing services

To ensure that all the built features run smooth, our testing team simulates a number of user interaction cases on multiple devices and emulators.

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